Seo Overview

What is SEO?

In the modern day and age, SEO has become a very integral part of every business. This is because without the help of identifying the keywords which are most relevant to your kind of business, you would not be able to attract the desired attention. Therefore, search engine optimization refers to the process with which the visibility of a website can be significantly improved. This is basically done by incorporating elements which are search engine friendly on the website.

There are two basic areas in which search engine optimization is usually done. This is on-page and off-page search optimization. The on-page optimization refers to all those elements which make up an entire web page. This can include textual content, HTML codes, and even images. As for the off-page optimization, it refers to the backlinks. For those of you who do not know, backlinks are the links which points to the website being optimized or the other relevant websites.


Types of search engine optimization

As many people would know, there are basically two types of SEO. These are white hat and black hat practices.

White hat practices

In the white hat practices, it uses the methods and techniques which will help in improving the rankings or search results of a particular website. However, this kind of SEO is done by SEO companies, such as Prothero IM in such a way that they are not violating the guidelines which have been established by the major search engines.

Some of the most common white hat techniques which are used are:

  • Website HTML optimization
  • Content development which is of extremely high quality
  • Link acquisition campaigns which are supported by manual research and outreach as well as high quality content

So in the case of white hat practices, even though you will be able to witness the results, but it will take some time before that can happen. This is because the pace of growth is very slow and gradual.


Black hat practices

In the case of black hat practices, it refers to the SEO which tends to exploit the weaknesses which tend to exist in the algorithm of the search engines. In this way, they then tend to obtain high rankings for a website. In this case, this is why they are considered to be in direct violation of the rules and guidelines which have been set by all the leading search engines.

Some of the black hat techniques which are very commonly applied are:

  • Stuffing of keywords
  • Link spam
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden links
  • Hidden texts.

Therefore, in terms of black hat practices, the kind of results which you can expect are very quick and unexpected. This is because you would never know if the SEO work is passing the algorithm or not.


So, when it comes to getting your SEO done, it is always considered to be a wiser decision if you can get it done by a professional. Not only will they be able to deliver a much more realistic output for you and your business, but they will also understand the difference between white hat and black hat practices. In this way, they will make sure that your website does not get penalized for any kind of violation.



Terra Formars Review

Terra Formars is an action horror manga series written by Yū Sasuga and illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana. Although it was released in 2011, it was only translated to english in 2014; the translation coincided with the release of the animated series. The Terra Formars manga was the subject of critical acclaim, ranking in the top 15 manga’s in 2013. The series has sold over 15 million copies to date.

The plot follows the story of humans in the 26th century, fight against mutant cockroaches from the planet Mars. 500 years prior to the action in the story humans tried to terraform Mars, they used special algae and cockroaches to try the make the surface of the planet survivable to humans. However, when mankind sent back to the planet to try to live there, they were greeted by the Terra formars, who wiped out the human expedition. The super-evolved cockroaches possessed great agility and strength, making the humans no match for them. In order to fight the Terra Formars, the humans underwent genetic modification in order to gain the strength needed to fight.

Terra Formars is readable online or by physical copy. The manga is characterised by high-octane excitement and plot twists. Arguably the best part of the manga is the abilities of the bugs, which provide interest and stimulation to the readers of Terra Formars. The artwork in the manga is a strong point. Each of the characters is unique however share traits that bring continuity to the manga. Terra Formars is a plot driven manga; with most of the drama coming from the events that happen in the story, rather than from the interest in particular characters. Although the battle sequences can be slightly formulaic, they are still very entertaining, and they provide the main draw to the anime.


Hiring a PHP Developer

PHP developers work using the language of PHP to build server-side applications. Many large sites such as WordPress and Facebook are built using PHP. When looking for a PHP developer to hire, you should look at their experience as a candidate. Ask to see a resume of their previous work and what they think they can bring to the project. You should also look for designers that are geographically close to you. For example, if you lived in Nottingham, you would look for a Nottingham php developer. Whilst some companies may look to hire onboard PHP developers, most simply outsource it to large companies. This lowers the price of the project to the firm.

PHP can be utilized on all major working frameworks, including Linux, numerous Unix variations (counting HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS, and most likely others. PHP has likewise bolster for the greater part of the web servers today. This incorporates Apache, IIS, and numerous others. What’s more, this incorporates any web server that can use the FastCGI PHP paired, as lighttpd and nginx. PHP fills in as either a module, or as a CGI processor.

With PHP, you have the flexibility of picking a working framework and a web server. Besides, you likewise have the decision of utilizing procedural programming or protest arranged programming (OOP), or a blend of them both.

With PHP you are not restricted to yield HTML. PHP’s capacities incorporates yielding pictures, PDF documents and even Flash motion pictures (utilizing libswf and Ming) produced on the fly. You can likewise yield effortlessly any content, for example, XHTML and some other XML record. PHP can autogenerate these records, and spare them in the document framework, rather than printing it out, shaping a server-side reserve for your dynamic substance.


Free iPhone 6S

The iPhone, developed by Apple, is widely regarded as the most revolutionary smartphone on the market. Although it was not the first touch-screen phone, it certainly is the best-selling and most well known brand, only followed by Samsung models. Apple controls the dominant share in the market for smartphones; with new iterations of their iPhone being released every few years. Although the phones generally cost a lot, some people seek to obtain a free iphone 6 through contract payments. For instance, their phone will give them the iphone for free if they pay a monthly contract (usually around $40).

Over the course of the life of the iPhone brand, the phones have generally gotten smaller and lighter, as well as faster. The iPhone 6 has a bigger footprint than the iPhone 5S, there’s certainly not a lot of big difference between your phones. The iPhone 6 is merely 6. 9mm thin, rendering it thinner compared to the iPhone 5S. Impressively, in 129g, the new handset is merely 17g heavier than the old one. With a bigger screen, several design changes had to be made. The virtually all evident is that the electricity button has ceased to be on the leading but has been moved to the upper right hand side. This makes that much much easier to reach with a finger or thumb, even more so than with the iPhone 6th Plus.

The most current iteration of the iPhone is the 6S, which was released on September 19th, 2015. Apple products are premium priced, with the 6S currently costing around $800. This is why some people are seeking to find a free iPhone 6; the cost is too much to bear for some people. There are many ways to get a free iPhone 6 on the internet, from competitions to giveaways.


Is Fax A Dead Technology?

Whilst most people may think that the fax machine is a recent invention, the technology has an origin going back as far as 150 years ago. However, the fax machine saw its first mass use in the 20th century, in the 70’s and 80’s. It was regarded as a slick, reliable technology throughout the business world. With the invention of the web however, fax soon became less popular; however it still has many applications today that make it a viable and investable technology.

In 2016, fax is still widely used in Japan. This is due to the fact that that traditional handwritten notes are regarded in high esteem by businesses. However, the fax machines use is not localised to Japan. When there needs to be a high degree of certainty that the documents sent have not been tampered with, fax is generally used; great example of this is legal documents with signatures on it. Placing a signature on a fax has the same legal implications as placing it in person. The sender also receives a notification that the document has been received, which is not always possible with email. Sometimes a message sent via electronic means can get stuck in a ‘spam’ folder, however this is not the case with fax machines as they do not have a spam folder.

Some sites offer ‘internet faxing’, in which users can send faxes from their email. In order to utilise these services, users generally find sites that provide information about modern day faxing. Sites like provide information about faxing. Readers of bemini should check out their site, i personally love their infographic on the history of the fax machine. Fax is a great business practice that shows that the business can communicate effectively through a variety of mediums.